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10 Reasons to Switch to Buffer Insurance

It’s easy to see employee benefits as an obstacle, not an opportunity. There can be mountains of paperwork, complicated insurance jargon, and seemingly endless waiting on hold. At Buffer, we’re here to change the way you think about employee benefits.

5 Ways You Can Benefit With Buffer

Are you ready to invest in your employees and ensure your business stays healthy and inspired? At Buffer, it’s our mission to do just that. By providing comprehensive services including benefits, wellness programs, benefit administration, and retirement plans, we’re ensuring the vision for your business and helping to increase employee engagement across the board.

How Employee Benefits Help Achieve Your Vision

It’s easy to be distracted when you’re running a business. There are products, profits, and customers to consider, and it can be hard to focus on building lasting value for your business—and part of that picture includes the overall engagement of your employees.

COVID-19 Resources for Employers and Workers

If you were like an ostrich with your head in the sand during the first few weeks of this now worldwide pandemic, you weren't the only one. Now federal, state, and local authorities are implementing...

What Employers Need to Know about Form 1095-B & 1095-C

Large Employers Form 1095-C is used by employers with 50 or more full-time (or full-time equivalent) employees to report Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) under section 6055 and the offer of coverage...

What is a WRAP document and do I need one?

What is a “wrap document”? A wrap document is document that sets out information about an employer’s health and welfare plan, and which incorporates (or “wraps around”) other documents that provide...

ROI on Employee Benefits

When you own a business, you should be proud of the people you hire; you want to equip them to be successful. Each employee is an important asset to...

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ACA Employer Reporting

What is the Employer Mandate? The employer mandate, also known as the Employer Shared Responsibility provisions of the Affordable Care Act, aims to...

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