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  • Keep seeing your favorite doctors
  • Get gym memberships, chiropractors, dental, vision, and other great complementary extras*
  • Get the most bang for your buck with lowest or $0 premiums*
  • Avoid unexpected penalties with your Medicare coverage

Start with our free Medicare Maximizer Assessment:

  • Learn the fastest way to get into original Medicare
  • Get your personal situation closely assessed by our expert
  • Receive a tailor-made selection of the most ideal plan options for you
  • Bonus: get an estimate of your prescription costs under the plans

*Exact inclusions and premiums vary by plan offerings in your geographic area. We’ll work to get the best deal possible for you.

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Helping You Choose a Medicare Plan


How much will Medicare cost you? Is it better to stay on an employer plan or go to Medicare?


Are there any gaps in your coverage? Could you be stuck with a massive medical bill?

Access to Physicians

Will your doctors accept the plan you want to enroll into?

How to Maximize Your Benefits

Are you taking full advantage of your plan? Many plans offer dental, vision, gym memberships and more.


Not every plan covers drugs the same, just like not every pharmacy costs the same. Has your plan been analyzed to ensure you are on the least costly plan?

Do you want to learn about Medicare?

Download our Free eBook “Medicare: The Guide to Protecting your Future”

Free e-Book Includes:

  • When and How to Sign Up for Medicare
  • How to Select a Perfect Plan for You
  • How to Avoid Unexpected Medicare Penalties
  • What is Medicare Advantage and What is Medicare Supplement

…and everything else you need to know to maximize your medicare benefits

Life Insurance

At Buffer, we have have access to 17+ life insurance companies, and getting coverage is easier than you think. We have tools that allow you to shop and compare, so that you can save money and find policies that best fit you. We want to make sure that your assets, business, and family are protected. 



Term Life Insurance


Whole Life Insurance


Universal Life Insurance

Long-term Care Insurance

Coverage for when you develop chronic conditions.


Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance Policies


Life Insurance with a Long-Term Care Rider