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Included in the book:

When and how to sign up for Medicare?

  • What to do before your 65th birthday;
  • How to avoid unexpected Medicare penalties;
  • What to do if you are on an employer plan and need to transition to Medicare for the first time;
  • What to do if you are retiring soon;
  • How to navigate the Social Security Administration website in the easiest way possible;

How to choose a plan?

  • How to keep seeing your favorite doctors;
  • How to avoid expensive prescriptions or hospital costs;
  • How to get the most bang for your buck with lowest or $0 premiums;
  • How the Medicare star plan rating system works and how to best use it to properly understand the plan;

What is Medicare Supplement? What is Medicare Advantage?

  • What Medicare coverage type best fits you;
  • How to get a plan that includes gym memberships, chiropractors, dental, vision, and other great complementary extras;
  • How to navigate the pains of medical underwriting in Medicare Supplement plans;

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