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  • Onboarding employees with an online platform
  • Online enrollment & resources for employees
  • Compliance assistance, employee handbooks, & LMS training system


  • Medical, vision, dental
  • Life & disability, supplemental benefits, HSA & FSA
  • Fully-insured
  • Self-funded
  • ACA Reporting


  • Benchmark analysis
  • Investment consultant & review
  • Defined benefit & cash balance plans
  • Streamline investment selection & analysis

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for the ones you love.

How to Choose a Medicare Plan

  • How and when to apply for Medicare
  • Prescription drug plans
  • Finding the best medicare supplement companies

Life Insurance

  • 17+ life insurance companies
  • Term life, whole life and universal life insurance policies
  • Shop & compare policies

Long-term Care Insurance

  • Asset-based plans with guaranteed premiums, death benefit and surrender provision
  • Finding the best long-term care companies

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