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One of the weakest areas for small and medium-sized businesses is Human Resources. Primarily because it’s not a revenue-generating activity and is not customer-facing. As a company grows, it is imperative that leaders develop a stellar HR team to spearhead recruiting initiatives, reinforce the desired culture, and support efforts to maximize the talents of their team.

We understand that the HR needs of small and growing companies are very different, which is why we provide complimentary services above and beyond a client’s insurance policy.

Our clients get access to a suite of Human Resource solutions at no cost. We believe in empowering our clients to run better and smarter companies and actually take action in this arena by providing access to resources only large companies typically have access to.

Here are a number of complimentary services we provide to employer clients:

Certified HR Professional

It is important to know that you’re taking the right actions when you go to discipline an employee. Maintaining compliance means protection from the exposure to lawsuits and legal penalties. That’s why we provide our clients access to a certified HR professional, someone that can assist them in navigating the confusing and difficult lines of the law. 

Living Employee Handbook

More than a $1500 value, having an up-to-date employee handbook is extremely important. You are notified when there are changes to labor laws. An example of this was when legislators signed the CARES act, this sweeping change affected employee handbooks across the U.S. with regard to leave for COVID and other protections. Our clients were some of the first to act and make changes to their company’s handbook. 

Compliance Resources

Knowing what you can and can not do is an important part of HR. No, you can’t ask if a job candidate is pregnant. Nor can you ask them if they plan on having children in the next year. While this may sound like a reasonable interview question, it can lead to costly lawsuits. The compliance resources will give you definitive boundaries to stay within and also provide you with downloadable resources for onboarding packets, annual assessments, disciplinary templates, and more.

Workplace Safety & Professional Development Videos

Many industries, such as manufacturing, oil & gas, or others that fall under OSHA guidelines require routine workplace safety training. Our videos are a great and easy way to provide this training. Other companies who have had perhaps a sexual harassment complaint and require employees to go through workplace conduct training, we have that as well. 

Our videos log when employees begin and end the video training and can send reports and logs for management to monitor the completion of this training. 



Access to a certified HR Professional


Living Employee Handbook


Compliance Resources


Job Description Generator

Wellness Plans Pay Off

In addition to the direct financial return on investment, companies have seen reductions in employee absenteeism, staff turnover and employee stress. Interested in seeing these results?