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Medical Insurance

Protect your employee’s future and help them protect those who are counting on them.

Why medical insurance?

Buffer’s professional insurance brokers and support team, partner with employers to develop cost-savings benefit plans to help attract and retain top talent at organizations.

Our agency works with business owners, CFOs, and human resource professionals to design the best fitting plan that may include:

  • major medical insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, and other top insurance carriers
  • wellness incentives to keep employees active
  • telemedicine to allows employees to miss less work
  • dental, vision, life insurance or disability coverage
  • profit sharing for small businesses on level-funded plans
  • and more

Our group insurance strategies have helped develop incredible benefit packages for small-group, mid-size, and large groups across the region.

We integrate the best technology into our solutions to make implementation, renewals, and administration of employer benefits easier for business owners and human resource professionals.

Having more active employees may decrease the medical utilization for your organization and in turn allow your organization to maintain stable rates over time. Creating a company culture that fosters and encourages healthier lifestyles is something that many employees are seeking as they apply for positions.



Protect Employee's Future


Tax Savings on Premiums


Include Telemedicine


Promote Health

Medical Plans Pay Off

In addition to the direct financial return on investment, companies have seen reductions in employee absenteeism, staff turnover and employee stress. Interested in seeing these results?