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Employer: Get the best bang for your buck on benefits in 4-6 weeks

Our experts will provide you a tailored benefits strategy to best attract talent for your business and get it implemented with ease

  • Stand out from competition by offering carefully selected benefits that uniquely appeal to your team at little to no extra cost
  • Conserve your budgets with less expensive benefit plans with just as much or more value than what other brokers may have sold you
  • Cut your tax burden with strategies that legally keep the IRS away from your and your employees’ hard earned dollars
  • Get full appreciation from employees and candidates with effective education that fully shows them all the value your benefits provide

Start with a free Benefits Maximizer Assessment with our expert to:

  • Develop a benefits strategy most suitable to attract, retain, and engage top talent in your business
  • Implement the best HR policies for serving your business goals while motivating your teams
  • Find out if you are spending your hard earned cash on benefits that aren’t meaningful to your workforce
  • Learn how to protect your company from unforeseen benefits-related liabilities
  • Receive tailored benefits proposals for your business

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Human Resources

Onboarding Employees

Make your employee’s first day easier with electronic capture of W4, i9, direct deposit, and e-signature of important documents with our online platform.

Online Enrollment

Empower your employees to make smart decisions by guiding them through the online enrollment experience. Embedded videos and resources will assist employees in making the best decision for their insurance needs.


Employers can gain access to: certified HR professionals to assist with questions and concerns, a Living Employee Handbook, and a Learning Management System (a database of recorded video and interactive trainings that can be assigned to employees).


We partner with employers to develop cost-savings benefit plans to help attract and retain top talent at organizations. Buffer Insurance works with business owners, CFOs, and human resource professionals to design the best fitting plan for you.


Medical, Vision, Dental


Life & Disability


Fully Insured & Self-Funded Plans


Supplemental Benefits


HRA / HSA / FSA Plans


Affordable Care Act Compliance


COBRA & HIPAA Compliance


Enrollment Meetings & Ongoing Education


Buffer Insurance provides both corporate consulting and access to trusted individual retirement planning advisors. Whether you currently have a 401k, simple IRA, or another defined benefit plan, or are looking to implement a plan for the first time, our team of advisors can recommend funds, speak with employees one-on-one, and other tasks to help ensure that you are getting the most benefit from such a plan.


Complimentary Benchmark Analysis


Investment consultant & review


Defined Benefit & Cash Balance Plans


Identify & recommend cost efficiencies


Streamline investment selection & analysis

Section 125 Plans

Section 125 Plans, also known as a “Premium Conversion Plan”, “Cafeteria Plan” or “Premium Only Plan (POP)”, allows employee contributions to employer-sponsored benefit plans to be made with pre-tax dollars, automatically increasing take-home pay while reducing the employer’s payroll tax liability.

PEO Consulting

Are you considering a PEO? We can assist you in reviewing the price structure and benefits to select multiple PEOs. We do the leg work in getting proposals from multiple PEOs and help you maintain the relationship going forward.

Heard about our Pro-Life Policies?

Download our Free Pro-Life Employer Policy Guide

Free Guide Includes:

  • What benefits and support you can provide to new parents in your team
  • Financial support for a new birth or adoption in the family
  • Maternity and paternity leave policies
  • How to minimize the tax burden on you and your employees while doing so

…and everything else you need to know to maximize your team’s parenting benefits