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Are Your Prescription Drugs Tainted?

She had just purchased a refill of valsartan, a blood-pressure-lowering drug when she got a disturbing letter in the mail. Due to the medication being contaminated with N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a chemical that may pose a cancer risk, the U.S. Food and Drug...
How Do I Sign Up for Medicare Easy Pay?

How Do I Sign Up for Medicare Easy Pay?

What is Medicare Easy Pay? The Medicare Easy Pay program is a free service for Medicare beneficiaries that allows them to have their monthly premiums automatically withdrawn from their checking or savings accounts. Instead of sending a check to the Social Security...
Most Expensive Drugs On the Market

Most Expensive Drugs On the Market

Have you ever gone to fill one of your prescriptions and thought, WOW! That’s expensive. Well, this new list of drugs will put that “pricey” drug into perspective. Million Dollar Drugs New drugs have hit the market that total well over one million or...

Birthday Freebies for Seniors

Waking up on your birthday each year may bring different feelings for each of us. Whether you’re dreading turning XX or XXX this year, we can all agree that being celebrated can cheer us up. Free stuff can also bring some extra gladness to this special day as...
How Do I Sign Up for Medicare Easy Pay?

How to Find Which Doctors Accept Medicare Assignment?

What is ‘Medicare Assignment’? The majority of doctors who accept Medicare insurance also accept medicare assignment. Medicare assignment is a term that refers to the accepted level of reimbursement Medicare is willing to give physicians and healthcare...