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Medicare Advantage Trial Period

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Getting ready to sign up for Medicare? Thinking about a Medicare Advantage plan but not sure that’s what you really want. What if something goes wrong? You need to know about the Medicare Advantage trial period, a test run for a Medicare Advantage plan.

Trial Right Period

Medicare beneficiaries have a 12-month period to try out a Medicare Advantage plan. If they are dissatisfied, they can disenroll from (drop out of) the plan anytime during that period, prior to the one-year anniversary of the effective date. They can rejoin Original Medicare, and still have a guaranteed issue right to purchase a Medigap policy. The Medigap insurance company cannot deny you coverage, no matter your health status.


This is a useful way for someone to try Medicare Advantage plan and escape the escalating medicare supplement premiums that have risen. If you weren’t satisfied with the plan, you can simply drop out before the end of the 1 year anniversary and go back to a supplement plan. This trial period is only available to someone who is trying out a Medicare Advantage plan for the first time. You can read more about guaranteed issue rights on the medicare.gov website.


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