Do You Need to use an Insurance Agent for Medicare?

Any great relationship starts with a conversation, so let’s start there.
Learning Medicare on your own would not be an easy task. In fact, there are some people that have faced this tumultuous task alone. They’ve spent hours and hours researching terminology and definitions, plan types, specific election periods, do’s and don’ts, and sometimes they end up with a decent decision. While, other times, I end up consulting folks who either missed important deadlines or got into a seemingly inexpensive plan, and later on ended up with steep premiums and surprising out-of-pocket costs. If you’d like to research Medicare on your own, you can begin by reviewing CMS’s guide called, ‘Medicare & You’. This publication is produced each year and includes updates that occur to the program. Another guide you can use as a starting point is the CMS produced guide: ‘Choosing a Medigap Policy’. Neither of these publications give a complete picture, nor recommendations for your unique situation. Usually if someone has made a mistake on their plan selection, it is too late to make a change, once they’ve realized their mistake. Don’t let yourself become a victim of these circumstances. There are many reasons why an insurance agent can assist you through this process of enrolling into Medicare. As well as helping you manage plan changes, price increases and health changes.
Why Use An Agent?
Above, I posed the question ‘Do you need an insurance agent to get Medicare?’ And while the short answer is ‘no’. More importantly, it is the wrong question to ask. Instead, you should be asking ‘Why Should I use an insurance agent to get Medicare?’ Great! I’m glad you asked.
The use of an independent agent costs you nothing.
That’s right, there is no fee associated with using a Medicare insurance agent. They are paid a commission by the insurance company that you choose to enroll into. This commission may be paid lump sum, or on a monthly basis. Usually, the price of a Medicare plan is the same whether or not you choose to enroll with an agent or directly with the insurance company. However, since the commission is paid ongoing, this means that your agent will also have an ongoing interest in serving you.
Don’t get sold.
No one likes feeling like they were sold something. You know that feeling you get after you’ve bought something and now you’re second guessing your purchase. Think back to the last time this happened to you.
  • Did you buy it because the sales person was being pushy for forceful?
  • Did you walk away feeling like you were taken advantage of because your lack of knowledge?
No one. Likes this.
A New Experience
Now imagine the complete opposite experience. An insurance agent who asks questions to gauge your current understanding. Then proceeds to fill in the gaps with information that pertains to your situation. Information that helps equip you to make the right decisions based on your financial and health needs. After a plan is selected, you and that agent maintain an ongoing relationship. That agent is present and available during major life events to assist with any changes that may need to occur.
Are you struggling to pay for prescriptions or medical costs? Well, you may qualify for a federal benefit known as Medicare Extra Help. This program offers multiple benefits to its members:
  • lowers the cost of your prescription drugs
  • eliminates any Part D late enrollment penalty
  • and pays up to a benchmark amount toward your prescription drug plan premium

Depending on your income and assets, you may qualify for full or partial assistance. In order for you to receive assistance, your prescriptions must be on your plan’s formulary. Medicare Extra Help is not a replacement for Part D or a plan in of itself, it works to supplement your Part D plan.

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