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A review of UHC’s Medicare Supplement plans.


UnitedHealthcare LogoUnitedHealthcare is a household name and has gained much popularity due to its insurance offering in other segments, such as: employer group plans, individual dental, vision and short-term health plans.

UnitedHealthcare has an ‘A’ rating with A.M.’s Best. Which means that you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you are with a stable insurance company, which has a long history of paying its claims.

No Application Fee
Offers household discount of 5%

Apply for coverage to begin 1st of following month


Nationwide Coverage (any doctor that accepts Medicare)


Cannot be cancelled due to developing health conditions


Gym membership discounts


EyeMed Vision Discounts


24 hour nurse line

Unique Value

Once you are enrolled in a Medicare supplement plan with UnitedHealthcare, you can change from plan to another without medical underwriting. Which means, if you want to move from Plan N to Plan F, you can do so, without being denied. The only exception to this plan change is when a member wants to move to Plan G. As of October 1, 2018, UHC implemented medical underwriting for members moving into Plan G from another plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan F & Plan G

Medicare supplement Plan F will no longer be available to new medicare beneficiaries in  the year 2020. This means that if you are turning age 65 or becoming eligible for Medicare during or after the year 2020, you will have the ability to purchase other robust plans, such as Plan G. The only difference between benefits for Plan F and Plan G are that on Plan G, the insurance company will not cover your Part B deductible. In other words, you are paying a high premium for a small benefit.


UnitedHealthcare is known for accepting individuals who were previously denied by other insurance companies. Contact an agent to find out more about UHC’s underwriting requirements.

Prescription Drug Plans

UnitedHealthcare offers several Prescription Drug Plans. Each plan has a unique formulary, which is a list of covered drugs.

It is best practice to have your agent complete an annual analysis of your drugs to find out which prescription plan will best fit your needs.

Medicare Advantage Plans

In addition to Medicare Supplement and Standalone Prescription Drug Plans, UnitedHealthcare offers a Part C plan, known as Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Advantage plans offer no medical underwriting, which means that even if you have pre-existing conditions, you can still apply and be accepted. Medicare Advantage plans bundle basic medicare services along with prescriptions and extra benefits all into one plan.

If Medicare supplement premiums are too expensive for your budget, enrolling into a Medicare Advantage plan may be a great alternative. You can enroll into Medicare Advantage plans for as low as $0/month.

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