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How to Appeal Your Medicare Premiums

If you think you’re paying a higher amount than you should, you can consider appealing your medicare IRMAA.

When can you make an appeal?

If you have a high income it’s likely that you’ve also been identified as having to pay higher premiums for Medicare Parts B & D. This increase in premiums is referred to as an Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount or IRMAA.

If that’s you, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to appeal those Part B & Part D IRMAAs.

Before you begin the reconsideration process it is important to identify which tier level you’re currently in as well as which level you ought to be in (refer to the Part B & D Premiums located here).

The SSA requires that you have a Qualifying Reason for submitting an appeal. This appeal is most often that a person retired or maybe that they were working full-time and now are part-time.

A few other reasons that would allow an appeal to begin:

  • marriage, divorce or being widowed
  • the loss of income-producing property
  • changes or termination of a pension

What Income is the SSA using to determine my premium?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) determines your IRMAA based on your income as of two years ago. The income that they’re using to calculate your IRMAA is your Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI). Your MAGI amount is made up of your total adjusted gross income plus any tax-exempt interest income. Your MAGI can be found on your individual 1040 form filed with the IRS. They are line items 37 and 8b.

Start Your Appeal: Request for Reconsideration

Begin your appeal by downloading the form titled ‘Medicare Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount Life-Changing Event‘. The important information that will determine whether or not your appeal is successful is the supporting documentation that you provide in addition to this form.

You will want to provide a cover letter that explains your circumstances.

“This is how my income is changing…”

Be sure to attach as much documentation that spells out how your income is changing. Examples of these documents could be: the sale documents from an income producing property, a death certificate, or a marriage certificate, etc.

You will need to continue to pay your IRMAA while your appeal is in process.

Other Ways to Save

Submitting your appeal for the higher Part B & D premiums is one way to save, you can also look at finding an economical medicare supplement plan such as Plan G or a Medicare Advantage plan which offers little or no premiums.

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