Dental Insurance

Learn how healthy teeth can lead to healthy employees.

Why dental insurance?

Help protect your smile and your health with affordable dental insurance. Unfortunately, dental plans are usually an afterthought to medical health care coverage because there’s no legal obligation for a business of any size to provide the benefit. Dental insurance, like health insurance, is a definite plus in recruiting and retaining top talent. Good oral hygiene is an essential component of a person’s overall health.

As you begin to explore various dental plans, below is what you can expect the structure of a typical plan to include:

  • Preventative Services
    An oral exam once every six months, may include x-rays, fluoride treatment, etc.
  • Basic Services
    Fillings, repair and maintenance of crowns, bridges, & dentures, and general anesthesia.
  • Major Services
    Single crowns, periodontal surgery, implants, complex extractions, and bridges and dentures

All of these benefits and levels depend on your specific dental plan. This illustration is meant to provide a general understanding of what to expect.

Although, the above illustration is simply an example, an employer can customize their dental plan to fit your groups needs and budget.

Plans to Fit Groups of Any Size

We can customize dental insurance solutions for organizations of any size. Beginning with groups as low as 2 employees, flexible options are available, including dual options for groups who want to offer multiple levels of benefit.

Easily Pairs With Vision Benefits

For a few more dollars a month, employers can offer vision benefits. Vision insurance can make eye exams, frames, lenses and contacts more affordable.

Consider offering both dental & vision to your workforce today.



Confident Smile = Confident Employees


Additional Employee Benefits


Promote Health

Common Terms to Know

MAC (Maximum Allowable Charge)

The same fee that the insurance company would pay in-network for a covered service. In a MAC-based DPPO plan, the rates charged per procedure are negotiated between the insurer’s in-network providers and the insurance company.

UCR (Usual, Customary, Reasonable)

The amount paid for a medical service in a geographic area based on what providers in the area usually charge for the same or similar medical service. The UCR amount sometimes is used to determine the allowed amount.

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)

A network of doctors allowing in and out-of-network coverage.

Does it Cost Extra to Use a Broker?

To implement group dental benefits using Buffer Benefits does not cost any extra, than if you were to go directly to the insurance carrier. With Buffer, you will find a wide selection of dental plans from different companies, free quotes, and assistance from licensed agents.

Dental Plans Pay Off

In addition to the direct financial return on investment, companies have seen reductions in employee absenteeism, staff turnover and employee stress. Interested in seeing a proposal?