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5 Things You Need to Know About Medicare

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You haven’t even gotten to taste a bite of your 65th birthday cake, when it hits you: Great, now I have to figure out Medicare. Sure, it can be a daunting task. Medicare is not only complicated; it’s extremely important. At Buffer, we exist to be your advocate in this process, to help you find the perfect plan for your life and your future.

Our dedicated agents offer hands-on, personalized service that makes sense for your situation. These decisions are going to shape one of the most important times in your life, and we’re going to make sure your golden years are going to be just that—golden.

That being said, there are a few things to consider before making any decisions about Medicare. By considering a few key details, you can get a head start and take the unknowns out of the process.

Here are 5 things you need to know about choosing a Medicare plan.

Does Medicare Even Make Sense?
Everyone is told that they must join Medicare when they turn 65, but in reality you may not need to. It’s important to find out if you’re actually going to save money on Medicare. The entire point of this process is to maximize your life after 65, so be sure your insurance will help you do that.

Many people still have employer benefits after they turn 65, so compare your current benefits with your Medicare options to make sure it’s the best decision for you. And, if your head is swimming, then feel free to reach out to one of our agents and they can answer any question that pops up.

Partial Coverage Won’t Cut it.
There are lots of different Medicare plans, for better or worse. As you begin to compare your options, make sure you’re getting the coverage you need. The last thing you need is to have a gap in coverage, especially if an unseen medical bill pops up.

We specialize in hands-on and personal service, so we’ll work with you to make sure the plan you’re looking at will give you the coverage you need.

Make Sure Your Doctor’s On Board
It’s hard to find a good doctor sometimes. And, when you do find the perfect doctor, you need to hold onto them for dear life. That relationship is incredibly important. They know your health history, living situation, and there’s an inevitable shorthand developed over the years.

So, when you’re choosing a Medicare plan, you need to be sure that your doctor accepts the plan you’re interested in. It’s not a welcome surprise to find out they don’t, and we can work with you to make sure it’s not a surprise at all.

Maximize Your Benefits
Medicare is about so much more than prescriptions and doctor visits. In fact, many people don’t even know the benefits they’re receiving when they sign up for a plan. If you’re paying for something, you may as well make the most of it, right?

As you’re doing your research, be sure to read the fine print. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that many plans offer dental and vision insurance, and even more unexpected benefits like gym memberships. Let’s take an in-depth look at each plan to make sure you’re getting the bonuses you deserve.

Match Plans With Prescriptions
Healthcare is about as personal as it comes. Every person has their own medical needs, tendencies, and conditions. So, take a good hard look at the prescriptions you’re currently taking and how your new Medicare coverage will apply to those prescriptions.

Not every Medicare plan covers drugs in the same way, just like not every pharmacy has the same costs. By taking a good look at the drug coverage in your plan, we can make sure you’re choosing the most cost-effective option that makes sense for your life.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by this list.

It’s just meant to give you a head start on this important process. In fact, by partnering with Buffer, you don’t have to even think about the details! Our agents are true professionals, and they’ll advocate on your behalf to ensure you’re getting the perfect Medicare plan.