Whole Life Insurance

A permament life insurance solution.

What is whole life insurance?

It provides you with the certainty of a guaranteed amount of death benefit and a guaranteed rate of return on your cash values. And you’ll have a level premium that is guaranteed to never increase for life.

While your policy’s guarantees provide you with a minimum death benefit and cash value, dividends give you the opportunity to receive an enhanced death benefit and cash value growth. Many times, dividends are not guaranteed.

Compare Term & Whole Life Policies

Whole life insurance is often referred to as a permanent solution, because it will last as long as the insured is living, assuming premiums are paid.

With whole life, the policy builds cash value over time that can be used to help you pay for college, supplement your retirement income, or for emergencies. Any amount withdrawn from the cash value will reduce the death benefit.

The premiums of a whole life insurance policy are not tax deductible per the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Several questions to ask yourself when considering a life insurance policy are:

  • Would your financial plan, without life insurance, enable your spouse to maintain the lifestyle you worked so hard to achieve?
  • Would you be able to pass on something to your children or grandchildren?
Policy features Term life insurance Whole life insurance
Choice of policy length
Provides lifelong coverage
Premium generally stays the same
Low premium
Life insurance payout amount is guaranteed
Accumulates cash value
Might be eligible for annual dividends


While whole life insurance has many benefits, it is best to speak with an insurance advisor prior to selecting this type of policy.

Planning for Your Loves Ones

A Whole Life Insurance policy can set your estate up to receive a tax-free sum of money.